Saturday, 12 May 2012

Warwick Castle

Tuesday Stuart,Pat,Simon and I went off to Warwick Castle. It turned out to be the loveliest day yet with warm sunshine and lots of historical
explorations.Pat and I did think of leaving the boys in the stocks for the day! We climbed the towers, visited the gaol, I was ordered to the battle field of the Duke of Warwick because I could sew and met King Hal! We also discovered the Lovell coat of arms and learned that a branch of the Lovells was transported to Australia as a convict! So that's why I feel so at home there.


  1. Can you explain to me how you came to the conclusion about who should be wearing which label in the stocks?????

  2. It was a very difficult decision. We thought of leaving them in the stocks for the day but then again we needed them to carry the picnic.