Sunday, 6 May 2012

Outward Bound

The flight out of Adelaide was amazing,even if I do say so myself. Clearly my little book of "how to enjoy flying" had done some good. Simon was amazed that I took the window seat, but even more amazed that I sat staring out, watching the amazing Australian landscape below me until it grew too dark to see any more. I had not realized just how much Australia had worked her magic on me until I found myself crying as we took off from Adelaide, not wanting to leave. How silly, but when the 'driver' said we would be flyng over central Australia and Uluru, which I missed, probably due to feeding time, I was fascinated to see the redness of the earth, the vast white 'lakes' which I take to be salt, and the different patterns in the rocks and terrain. We landed in Singapore with only two hours to wait, explored a little, although I know Changi quite well now, and did a little Duty Free shopping- well what is a girl to do with such wonderful shops and prices? Then onto the Airbus A380 to Heathrow. It was ENORMOUS and my bottle nearly went, declaring something that big had no chance of taking off. Disappointedly there is less room in cattle class on this thing than lesser aircraft but the take off and landing was superb, hardly noticing we had left the ground. Other than the length of the flight it was really good and I slept for many hours, which for me is truly amazing.We landed in Heathrow just after 5.30am, passed through passport control/customs within minutes and out into the cold grey morning. Picked up our rental car which is a brand new Ford Mondeo with only 5 miles on the clock and took Stuart and Pat by surprise arriving at 10am.

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