Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Day with Judy and Peter

Thursday 27th.

We met Judy and Peter at 9.30 am at their hotel near Waterloo Station. Judy and I had planned to visit the V&A to see the William Morris collection and to have lunch in the William Morris cafe. Over coffee we planned the day, Simon and Peter wanted to visit Lords cricket ground and we would do the V&A and meet up after lunch. No pictures of Judy and I at the museum as Simon wanted to take the camera to Lords but we did ask a nice chap having lunch to take a photo of us on Judy's camera which I will add when we get home to Adelaide. We met the boys later in the afternoon, both very excited to have had a two hour tour around Lords and actually stood on the hallowed turf! After a beer we all went to the Tower of London and saw the exhibition of the bridge, taking us up one tower, across the walkway spanning the bridge and down the other side, then into the bowels of the bridge to learn how the bridge opens to allow ships through. All very interesting,giving us all an appetite for a wonderful steal dinner at Gaucho's. (The second time for Simon and I in a week. It is that good)

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