Thursday, 10 May 2012

One Extra For Dinner

Adam sprung a surprise visit to Bromsgrove on Sunday evening, just hopped on a train and there he was. It was wonderful to see him and we are so grateful to Pat and Stuart for having him. Monday was a Bank Holiday here and we planned a train journey to Bridgenorth on a 1934 steam locomotive. It was wonderful, like being on a Poirot set or in a Harry Potter film. Why they have to modernize trains I do not know, the private compartment, luxurious seats that you just sink into and that glorious age of steam, when trains had character. The English countryside was wonderful BUT it was so cold and wet! Once in Bridgenorth we decided it was too unpleasant to hang about and got back on the train and headed for home. Adam caught his train back to London and the four of us went out for a lovely meal and then back to a round (or two) of G&T's and,in my case, hot toddy

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