Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Staircases and Starwars

On Thursday (7th) Simon, Adam And I went in search of St Louis Square, famous for its beautiful Victorian houses with their exterior staircases. We eventually found it but sad to find some dubious characters smoking equally dubious substances and people begging. We felt a little uneasy, so did not hang around too long before walking, once again, to the Old Port of Montreal where we witnesses some folks who preferred to eat their dinner whilst sitting at a table suspended in the air from a large crane! Nothing quite so "uplifting" for us and retreated to a bar where we enjoyed a cool beer whilst waiting for Alex to join us later that afternoon. Once he arrived we took off for the science museum where we whiled away a few hours with Darth Vader,Yoda and Luke Skywalker at an interactive Starwars exhibition.

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