Thursday, 7 June 2012


We arrived in Montreal on Friday night (1st) to rain,which continued all day Saturday and Sunday. I guess we were tired too after the four hectic weeks in the UK, so a more casual few days were welcome. It is great to finally see where Alex and Carrie live, their restaurant and of course the dogs. we have shopped in Montreal, did a three hour city tour to try and get our bearings and walked the old city yesterday, as well as visit the 1976 Olympic Games site. They now use the velodrome as a Biodome, a natural museum which is home to over 7500 animals and over 500 plants divided between four differing ecosystems of the America's. It was amazing but we did not have time to do the Planetarium and Insectarium unfortunately- maybe I can live with missing the creepy crawlies.

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